Barco Reale Camping is not far from San Baronto, a village that takes its name from the patron saint of Tuscan cyclists, famous for great athletes such as Nibali and Visconti, is a popular destination for local cycling enthusiasts and a very popular destination for the many cycle races that pass through it every year.

The San Baronto ascent, starting from Lamporecchio, is a famous destination in this area. The San Baronto ascent is 4.1 km long and presents some technical difficulties. Over this distance you climb 277 m and the average slope is 6.8%.

San Baronto is located along the pass of Montalbano, from where you can easily reach Pistoia, Vinci and all Valdinievole area, and, during the ride, you will enjoy the magical scenery of the landscape. If you love biking, you should know that San Baronto is a must for all cyclists, both amateur and professional, and has become even more famous for cyclists and professionals since it has been included in the 2013 World Cycling Championship.

At the info point you will find information about excursion organized by Barco Reale Camping and we will be happy to help you organize a personalized tour. Barco Reale campsite offers bicycle rental service to the guests.

Here you can find a detailed map of the campsite surroundings, have fun!


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