A holiday in contact with nature

Staying in nature, breathing fresh air and enjoying the fruits of the earth. Leave stress and frenzy at home. 

One of the most appreciated areas of the campsite is undoubtely our organic vegetable garden, attended to by our staff. It is a little model of terraced plantation, very common on the Tuscan hills. It is a device to maximise the plantation surface on hilly terrains. Our vegetable garden is located in a not-so-windy but sunny area. Here you can see grow and ripe the most common plants such as zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins and lots more, according to the season. There is an herbal garden too. These herbs are usually grown to spice Tuscan dishes. Our guests are welcome to visit the vegetable garden, pick-up whatever is available and use it to cook. Our staff will be more than happy to give you tips and answers about typical Tuscan recipes, such as panzanella, a dish from our farming tradition.

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