Walk the Via Francigena in Tuscany

Walk the Via Francigena in Tuscany

An ancient pilgrim route dating back to before the year 1000

Have you always wanted to walk an ancient pilgrim route? The Via Francigena runs right past Camping Barco Reale.

Barco Reale offers the perfect start for those interested in walking only one or two taps of the Via Francigena. This part of the route is easy to do for anyone without mobility problems, there are no difficult or dangerous parts.

What is the Via Francigena?

The Via Francigena is one of the oldest pilgrim routes, dating back to before the year 1000, which runs throughout Europe. The name "Via Francigena" literally means the "Way of the Franks". In the Middle Ages this was the route that led travelers from the northwest of Europe to Rome. 

The Via Francigena is thus a historic route that leads from the north of Europe to the Eternal City. The Italian part of the Via Francigena is about 945 km long. Despite its length, the route does not have any particularly difficult stretches - the Via Francigena is thus suitable for anyone who enjoys a brisk walk.
It is mainly due to the travel diaries of Sigeric the Serious that the ancient route of the Via Francigena has been reconstructed. The Sigeric diary is still regarded as the most authoritative source for the direction of the route. Often the route is even called the "Via Francigena according to Sigeric".

The Via Francigena today

Today the Via Francigena is a beautiful walking route that people decide to walk to rediscover nature or to explore the different regions in Italy. Research shows that the the Via Francigena is a route that brings tourists and modern pilgrims to the roots of Italian culture. It is a journey that traverses Italy from the Valle d'Aosta to the banks of the Po and then descends along the Ligurian roads that run through Sarzana. 

You will pass beautiful places through the oh so charming Tuscany: Lucca, Altopascio, San Miniato, San Gimignano, Siena, and San Quirico D'orcia. You will able to enjoy fantastic landscapes, walk over the ancient mule paths, the white roads and rows of cypresses, and the Via Cassia. The Via Francigena also runs through the iconic vineyards full of grapes. From spring to winter, the Via Francigena can be walked all year round and has something to offer every season of the year.

The part of the Francigena closest to Camping Barco Reale.

If you are staying at our campsite, we strongly recommend starting your walking tour at San Miniato - San Miniato is easily accessible from our campsite by public transport. The first part of the route leads you to Gambassi Terme, which is a beautiful stop. You will be immersed by the Tuscan hills and landscapes of extraordinary beauty.
For more information, visit: https://www.viefrancigene.org/

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