The best Bike Riding trails in Tuscany near Camping Barco Reale

Camping Barco Reale is surrounded by a network of bicycle and mountain bike trails - perfect for those who do not want give up on their favorite sport while on a holiday: cycling. 

The ideal activity for sports fanatics: mountain biking or road cycling in Tuscany. The territory around Barco Reale is known to have a vast number of cycling routes and trails, allowing you to easily visit neighboring cities or ride your bike through ancient woods. Go on trip by yourself and discover the best bicycle trails in Montalbano, or join one of our organized cycling trips in Tuscany.

The best months of the year to go cycling in Tuscany

The best months of the year to go cycling in Tuscany are definitely from March to June and September to October. During July and August it can get pretty hot making cycling and other sports pretty intense. If you still want to go out cycling during the peak summer months we suggest you to do during the early morning or evening to avoid the heat of the day. From November up until February it can get quite cold and rainy, so if you don't like to get your feet wet we suggest you to come and cycle another month of the year.

Biking Trails around Camping Barco Reale

The Montalbano area surrounding Camping Barco Reale offers bike trails with amazing views over the typical Tuscan landscapes - for cycle lovers of all levels. Located right next to our campsite we have a large territory full of cycling trails perfect for those who enjoy mountainbiking, running from San Baronto to Varazzano, Nardini, and Cecina, to name a few. Go to our info point to ask about additional information, trail maps, or bike trail suggestions out of the Montalbano area.

Bike Rental at the Camping

We rent bikes throughout the entire season so that our guests can explore Tuscany's beautiful nature by bike. Ask at our reception for more information about rental rates and organized cycling tours. Here's the map of cycling tracks around Barco Reale.

At Barco Reale, cyclists are welcomed with open arms and also enjoy privileged treatment: we offer a free pitch to all those who take a walking and cycling holiday and decide to stay at our campsite

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