The best Bike Riding trails in Tuscany near Camping Barco Reale

Camping Barco Reale is surrounded by a network of bicycle and mountain bike trails - perfect for those who do not want give up on their favorite sport while on a holiday: cycling. 

San Baronto is a very famous area for cycling, its hill is appreciated both by pros and amateurs thanks to its climbs, slopes and charming views. Several pros use or used to train here: Bartali, Tafi, Ballerini, Cavendish, Nibali.

And not to be missed, the Anello del Montalbano and the valleys surrounding these hills which are very popular biking routes too. You can reach Vinci or Carmignano and their de’ Medici Villas which are classified as UNESCO Heritage. 

If you prefer a not-so-challenging route, you can explore a part of Via Francigena.

Mountain-bikes lovers can go biking into woods or olive groves.


Our InfoPoint can suggest lots of excursions and routes. You can also rent an e-bike. We hire both e-mountainbikes to ride on dirty tracks to enjoy spectacular views, or e-citybikes. With our e-citybikes you can go biking on the same roads where famous cyclists train, and sightsee in our area with the help of pedal assistance . 

At Barco Reale, cyclists are welcomed with open arms and also enjoy privileged treatment: we offer a free pitch to all those who take a walking and cycling holiday, and decide to stay at our campsite.

Here's the map of cycling tracks around Barco Reale.

You can see the cycling routes arount Barco Reale at BikeMap

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