Savour the Taste of Tuscany while in Italy by dining in traditional Italian Restaurants.

Enjoy the full Italian experience by embracing our rich food culture and have a Taste of Tuscany.

There is a reason why Tuscan cuisine is known in every single corner of the world. Spending your holiday in Italy means you cannot miss out on “Aperitivo” in Firenze, visit the best Chianti wineries, drink Tuscan wine, walk through the iconic olive fields, and visit the best traditional restaurants in the region to eat authentic Tuscan food. Enjoy the full Italian experience by embracing our rich food culture and have a Taste of Tuscany.

The best 6 Italian Restaurants near Camping Barco Reale in Tuscany

Are you looking to have amazing food while on your holiday? Then definitely check out the following restaurants in the area around Barco Reale:

  • Buca di Sant'Antonio: located in Tuscany, the Restaurant Buca di Sant'Antonio is well known for its freshly prepared pasta and typical "Lucchese" dishes. 
  • Enoteca Pinchiorri: voted as the 32nd best restaurant in the world in 2008, this restaurant in Florence is a must when looking for good food paired with amazing wines.
  • Borgo la Casetta: the best restaurant in San Baronto is definitely Borgo la Cosetta. They provide you with a pre-set menu, and all-inclusive wine, water, and vin santo. In order to eat here you will need to reserve a table in advance. 
  • Le Vecchie Mura: known for its incredible views, florentine steak, and delicious wines, this restaurant in San Gimignano should be a must on your list. They also have a gluten-free menu.
  • La Burra di Vinci: Like the name already reveals, this restaurant is located in Vinci. This restaurant may be a little hard to find as it is on a farm, but with a little help from Google Maps you'll come a long way. Another set-menu, but a definite must to experience real Tuscan food.
  • Agriturismo il Piastrino: another restaurant to not miss out on in Vinci is Agriturismo il Piastrino. You can eat here for 20€ per person, including anti pasto, main course, and self-made wine and olive oil.
  • The very best food you can of course only find at our restaurant at the camping. Enjoy some of the best Tuscan food at  Barco Reale Vinoteca the Restaurant.

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