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The 7 best public gardens in Tuscany

The most beautiful public gardens in Tuscany near Florence

The best gardens in tuscany open to the public

Are you going on a holiday to tuscany and would you like to explore nature and visit some of the most beautiful and historic Italian gardens? Tuscany is known for its beautiful villas and stunning garden designs. We listed the best gardens in Tuscany that are open to the public, some are appointment based and for some you can simply buy a ticket. We cover the following gardens in tuscany:

Tuscany's Gardens:

➡ Boboli Gardens

➡ Villa Bardini

➡ Torrigiani Gardens

➡ Villa Garzoni Collodi

➡ Villa Reale Lucca

➡ Villa Grabau Lucca

➡ Poggio Torselli

Boboli Gardens in Florence
Boboli Gardens in Florence

The Boboli Gardens are the most famous and beautiful gardens in Italy and are based in Florence. These gardens form one of the greatest open-air museums in Florence and are situated behind the Pitti Palace. The famous Medici family bought the palace in 1550 and expanded and united the gardens with the Belvedere Fortress. The Boboli gardens feature sculptures, oak trees, fountains, and make it a perfect place to visit during a warm summer day in Florence due to the shaded paths.

Address: Pitti Palace, Firenze, Tuscany, Italy

Opening times: All day, all year except for the first and last monday of each month.

Entrance fee: 10€ regular price during high season - 2€ reduced price.

Website: Buy a ticket for the Boboli Gardens

View from Villa Bardini in Florence
View from Villa Bardini in Florence

The Villa Bardini Gardens are off the usual tourist trail as the gardens opened only recently to the public and are not that well known yet. It is full with flower beds giving you an incredible view over Florence. You can spot the best views over Florence just behind the house. When you buy tickets for the Villa Bardini Gardens you can walk onto the Boboli Gardens behind the Pitti Palace. Sit on one of the benches in the garden and enjoy the views of this incredible Italian garden.

Address: Costa San Giorgio 2, Florence.

Opening times: From Tuesday through Sunday all year long.

Entrance fee: full price: €10, reduced price: €5

Website: Buy a ticket for Villa Bardini

Torrigiani Gardens
Torrigiani Gardens

This garden may not be open to the public, but is definitely worth the visit if you can. The Torrigiani Gardens are a family’s estate gardens and is the largest private garden in central Florence. Many people even claim that these gardens are much better than the famous Boboli Gardens in Florence that lay right next to the Torrigiani Gardens. The Torrigiani Gardens are filled with sculptures, old roman walls, a tower, plants, flower beds, lawns, specimen trees, and a tower. The family cures for the major property themselves, and they offer garden tours and classes for the community. They even grow herbs for restaurants.

Address: Via dei Serragli 144 - 50124 Florence

Opening times: -

Entrance fee: - 

Website: Make an appointment for the Giardini Torrigiani

Villa Garzoni - Tuscany
Villa Garzoni - Tuscany

Villa Garzoni is a famous villa with beautiful gardens at Collodi. The garden was constructed shortly before the year 1562 by the Garzoni family. The particular Villa Garzoni garden is built upon a steep hillside site - this way of building gardens is rather unusual in Tuscany and are more often seen in and around Rome. The Villa Garzoni gardens feature a water garden that is constructed at the foot of the many levels of terraces.

Address: Via delle Cartiere 451012 Collodi, Pescia, Italy

Opening times: Every day

Entrance fee: €11 full price

Website: Buy a ticket for Villa Garzoni in Collodi

Villa Reale Lucca Area
Villa Reale Marlia

The Villa Reale of Marlia lies in the heart of Tuscany near the city of Lucca. The 17th century Villa Reale is considered to be one of the most important historical properties in Italy. It has been the home to Napoleon’s sister and Duchess of Lucca Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi during the 19th century. The garden and villa are surrounded by high walls protecting the property from the ever changing world on the outside. The villa’s gardens are of timeless elegance and are a perfect visit if you want to go for a relaxing walk.

Address: Via Fraga Alta, 2, 55014 Marlia LU, Italy

Opening times: from the 1st of March until the 31st of October

Entrance fee: Full price € 9

Website: Buy a ticket for the Villa Reale in Marlia

Just 7 kilometers away from the city of Lucca you’ll find the Villa Grabau and her beautiful gardens. The Villa Grabau has english style gardens and is the perfect example of a beautiful botanical garden featuring trees from all over the world. The best time to visit Villa Grabau and her gardens are during summer and autumn. Walk along the collection of lemon trees, and admire the many frescoes featured in the rooms of the villa.

Address: Via per Matraia, 269 - San Pancrazio, Lucca

Opening times: -

Entrance fee: € 130 for a day full of biking, swimming in the pool and other fun.

Website: Buy a ticket for the Villa Grabau Gardens

Villa Poggio Torselli is a privately-owned Tuscan Renaissance Villa and is especially known for its italian style gardens. This renaissance garden is divided into two terraces. The upper terrace on the south side features the original flower beds from the south side with the original ingenious irrigation system. The Poggio Torselli Villa is an elegant villa that can be found in the hills of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the heart of the Chianti Classico region of Tuscany. You can visit the villa on appointment, even though it is a privately owned.

Address:Via Scopeti, 10, San Casciano in Val di Pesa

Opening times: -

Entrance fee: -

Contact:  +39 055 8290241

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