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Family Camping Guide

family camping guide

Family Camping Guide for Beginners

If you’ve never been camping before with your kids then preparing you and your family can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? All the different sections in this article lead you to a guide that will help you prepare for you holiday.

Family camping starter kit

What essential camping gear do you need to get for a camping trip, what is the best tent brand you should consider when buying a tent that works for the entire family, and should you get air mattresses or self inflating mats? A lot of questions may arise when you go camping for the first time. In our blogpost about camping starter kits for families you’ll read all about the best and most affordable camping gear you should get to create your own camping starter kit.  

Cooking on your camping trip

Are you planning on cooking for your family during the holiday? Lots of people believe that cooking on your camping trip is complicated and difficult, but it doesn’t need to be a hassle at all! You can have delicious meals that are easy to prepare. We created a dedicated blog post to provide you with easy camping meals for your family. The recipes are of course mainly true italian recipes so you can really enjoy the Dolce Vita.

The complete camping family checklist

Did you pick the right tent, and do you have all your other camping gear packed as well? It’s time to truly pack your bags! Bring some nice summer dresses, good sun protection, and other essentials. We created a printable camping family checklist in the form of a blogpost and PDF. This checklist covers what to take with you if you’re going camping with a baby, what personal items you should bring, the camping equipment you should bring, and much more. 

Camping with Kids: the best camping games

You always want the best for your kids. You want that they have a holiday to never forget, you want them to make friends, and you want them to laugh, run and play. Camping Barco Reale is super kid friendly and we organize a lot of fun activities to entertain both you as well as your kids. We created a blog post stating the best camping games to give you some inspiration if you want to organize some fun activities within your family.

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